Dr Dieter Drohmann publishes article in current issue of CHEMICAL ENGINEERING (November 2023)

Dr Dieter Drohmann, Managing Director of the Chemservice Group, has contributed an article – together with Matthias Schopf and Joshua Baptist (Eastman) – on Safely Operating a Heat-Transfer-Fluid System in the current issue of CHEMICAL ENGINEERING.

A significant number of industrial processes require heating or cooling with precise temperature control. Maintaining this temperature control can be achieved through several industrial practices, but is most often done through a heat-transfer system. Such a system has many components, including, but not limited to, a pump, process adjacent-piping, valves, gaskets and a suitable heat-transfer fluid (HTF).

This article provides users with a resource that illustrates how to properly handle and maintain heat exchangers that contain HTFs with hazardous properties.

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