Qualified Environmental Risk Management Engineers at Chemservice Asia

We are proud to announce that Jae-Seong Choi, Director at Chemservice Asia, and experts in the team have successfully passed the national qualification requirements as an Environmental Risk Management Engineer in Korea.

The Korean Ministry of Environment has introduced the Environmental Risk Management Engineer qualification from 2019 to promote professional competence in chemical risk management. As a national qualification, it requires a professional understanding of topics such as hazard/risk assessment, exposure assessment, risk management and risk communication. Being a qualified engineer is considered essential expertise in the field of chemical management in Korea.

Chemservice Asia now has 5 qualified engineers in its team to support its customers in the best possible way.

Qualified Engineers at Chemservice Asia:

  • Mr. Jae-Seong Choi
  • Ms. Sol-Ah Song
  • Ms. So-Young Lee
  • Ms. Jin-Ju Han
  • Ms. Ji-Yeon Kim

Qualification Jae-Seong Choi (PDF)

Further information is available via the following website (Korean only):


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