About Chemservice

Since 2007, we have developed worldwide to grow into one of the leading consultancies in the chemical industry and its supply chain.

Our global network

Chemical legislation is advancing globally, often based on REACH. To meet the resulting rapidly increasing need for competent advice, we have positioned ourselves at strategic locations. We have a global network of experts from the industry, federations, test institutions and authorities. We maintain this network with active exchange and cooperation in the spirit of trust. By means of articles in professional journals and through participating in events, our employees regularly inform an interested audience on developments in the field of regulatory affairs.

Our team of professionals

We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists from the fields of chemistry, biology, toxicology and environmental sciences. We work with our partners from the fields of health and safety, consortia management, representation of interests and socio-economic evaluation to give you comprehensive advice, even beyond the bounds of chemical regulations.

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