Overview of our services

Global consultation on all regulatory issues

Review, implementation and observation of international chemical legislation are major challenges for any company – that’s where our support comes in! We are here to guide you through the entire supply chain of the chemical industry – from the manufacturers of chemical products to the downstream users, formulators, article manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors.

The REACH professionals

Consultation on issues relating to REACH is our core business. We take on the role of Only Representative (OR) for you, as a non-EU manufacturer, so as to offer a reliable and easy way of placing your products in the EU. In the case of a multistage non-EU supply chain, our specially developed Chemservice OR-Trustee system ensures that you fulfill your obligations, all the while preserving business confidentiality.

In short: We will navigate a safe path for you through the complex terrain of compliance! Not only do we guarantee this at EU level but, thanks to our experts in South Korea and UK, we also ensure compliance with Korean-REACH and UK REACH.

Your partner for the authorisation of active substances and biocidal products

We are your service provider for the authorisation of active substances and biocidal products – both at national and European level. Since the Biocides Regulation came into force, there has been a wide range of regulatory developments. Our experts are always up to date and provide comprehensive advice on all issues.

The hazardous materials manager

The Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) requires that the packaging of substances and mixtures be labelled accordingly and that Safety Data Sheets (SDS) be provided. To enable you to meet this obligation, we create these labels for you and, of course, translate them into the required national languages.

A more detailed description of our services is available on the following pages. Along with our partner companies, we offer a wide range of services.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for similar or further consulting needs!

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