GHS, CLP and Safety Data Sheets

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is the most important document in the supply chain as regards the transfer of safety-related information

It lists, for instance, information on safety, use or any protective measures necessary. The identification label outlines this important information in a shortened form on the packaging of the substance or mixture.

The REACH Regulation defines not only how Safety Data Sheets should be structured, but also who should create them. Manufacturers, importers or retailers are obliged to provide customers with Safety Data Sheets.

Before a Safety Data Sheet can be produced, the product must be classified in accordance with the CLP Regulation. We are happy to conduct this classification for you and to create REACH-compliant Safety Data Sheets in 22 of the 24 official languages of the EU. We can also assist you with customer queries or, indeed, with any general questions regarding Safety Data Sheets and classifications.

We see ourselves not only as suppliers of EU Safety Data Sheets, but also as a pillar of support for you in complying with country-specific requirements in, for example, the USA, Canada, Korea, Japan and China

In addition to reviewing your existing Safety Data Sheets, we also create CLP/GHS-compliant labels. Our database-driven system enables both an individualized layout and quick adaptation to new and amended regulations.

Our customised solutions

  • Consultation on CLP, GHS and country-specific features
  • Review and implementation of classification according to CLP
  • Review, creation, translation and updating of Safety Data Sheets and identification labels
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