Be prepared for Brexit

Due to the result of the elections in the UK last week, it should be relatively straightforward for the Brexit Deal of UK Prime Minister Johnson to pass and for Brexit to happen on 31st January 2020 followed by a transition period until 31st December 2020.

The consequences will be enormous, inluding the impact on UK chemical companies and their value chains as they will loose access to the EU market if their REACH registrations are not transferred to an EU27 based company.

With our locations in Germany, Luxembourg and Spain, Chemservice can act as your EU27 Only Representative and therefore guarantee that you stay REACH compliant.

But leaving the European Union also means that chemical companies or importers who want to sell their products to the UK market then need to have additional registrations under UK law (UK REACH) in place.

With our entity Chemservice UK, we can assist you to be compliant with UK chemicals legislation (e.g. UK REACH, UK BPR, UK CLP) and act as your Only Representative in the United Kingdom.

We are prepared to support your business and have summarized the major challenges of Brexit for you. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

Major challenges of Brexit

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