ICRL 1/2024 is out now

Chemservice proudly presents the new issue of the International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review (ICRL 1/2024), published in cooperation with Lexxion.

Please pay special attention to the Editorial which Dr Dieter Drohmann contributed in his function as Managing Editor.

The issue further contains two articles from our Chemservice Iberia colleagues:

  • Is the EU Shooting Itself in the Foot with Its Chemical Regulations Scheme?” (p. 7 ff), written by Dr Jaime Sales
  • Strictly Controlled Closed Systems: A Heat Transfer Restriction Proposal Case Study” (p. 22 ff), written by Francisco Hernández

The digital version of the journal ICRL is open access. Please download the pdf here:

ICRL 1/2024

Contributions to the next ICRL issues are welcome. Either directly to Lexxion or by e-mail to Dr Dieter Drohmann (d.drohmann@chemservice-group.com).

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