Corporate Compliance – Dr Dieter Drohmann is co-author of a manual on liability avoidance in the company

Dr Dieter Drohmann (CEO of the Chemservice Group), together with lawyers, professors and representatives of authorities and industry has recently published the 4th edition of Corporate Compliance – a manual on liability avoidance in the company.

Corporate Compliance describes the obligations for proper corporate management. This term has now become established. The increasingly dense body of regulations and the ever-increasing demands placed on companies increase risks such as external and internal liability, breaches of supervisory duties and criminal offenses. This work presents the individual areas affected from the perspective of the entrepreneur and deals with those organizational measures that meet the legal requirements for company management. The work has been completely restructured and revised for the 4th edition.

Hardly any other area has seen such rapid development as corporate compliance. The new edition streamlines the work and at the same time broadens the perspective to include newer areas such as CSR, ESG and compliance culture. In particular, the aim is to create a common thread that runs through the entire work.

The new edition of the manual will be published by Beck Verlag in June 2024 (week 23). It can already be pre-ordered via the following link:

Corporate Compliance – Beck Verlag

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