Dr Dieter Drohmann publishes article in current issue of EUROPEAN COATINGS JOURNAL 9/2023

Dr Dieter Drohmann, Managing Director of the Chemservice Group, has contributed an article on PFAS Restriction Proposal in the current issue of the EUROPEAN COATINGS JOURNAL – issue 9/2023.

PFAS are a group of several thousand different highly fluorinated synthetic (man-made) substances, both polymeric and non-polymeric. They are defined as fluorinated substances that contain at least one fully fluorinated methyl or methylene carbon atom (without any H/Cl/Br/I atom attached to it), i.e., with a few noted exceptions, any chemical with at least a perfluorinated methyl group (–CF3) or a perfluorinated methylene group (–CF2–) is a PFAS.

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