ICRL 1/2022 out now

Chemservice proudly presents the new issue of the International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review (ICRL 1/2022), published in cooperation with Lexxion.

The issue contains an article by our Chemservice Iberia colleagues Jaime Sales and Francisco Hernández on Fluoropolymers: The Safe Science That Society Needs (pp. 13-23).

Fluoropolymers are indispensable, high value chemicals, guaranteeing the adequate functioning of modern society, with key contributions in safety, decarbonization and high-tech development. Due to their chemical composition and structure, fluoropolymers match the definition of the PFAS group of substances. However, fluoropolymers show clearly differentiated properties from other PFAS, and the vast majority of these polymers have been identified as matching the definition of Polymer of Low Concern.

Furthermore, the issue contains a report by our Chemservice Asia colleagues Jae-Seong Choi, Yu-Jeong Choi and Sol-Ah Song on The Korean SSIC List (Substances Subject to Intensive Control) – Counterpart to the EU REACH Candidate List? (pp. 24-28).

In January 2022, MoE announced an updated SSIC list (Substance Subject to Intensive Control) which consolidates the listed chemicals into groups based on the similarities of molecular structure and functional group of chemicals. 162 new groups are added while 4 substances are delisted since these are already regulated as prohibited chemicals. The SSIC list has itself a lot in common with the EU REACH candidate list, therefore this report provides overview of SSIC and comparison with the candidate list of SVHC in EU.

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ICRL 1/2022

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