Compliance in complex supply chains – Article published in the journal FARBE UND LACK

Compositions of mixtures in the coatings industry are usually top secret and are not disclosed, resulting in considerable problems with registration or documentation obligations in complex supply chains. Dr Dieter Drohmann shows in an article published by FARBE UND LACK how these problems can be solved with the unique Chemservice OR-Trustee system.

The web-based self-service portal ensures compliance in complex multi-stage supply chains by tracking, documenting and certifying information on substance volumes and importers. Thus, it avoids multiple registrations and high costs along the entire supply chain while securing Confidential Business Information.

The Chemservice OR-Trustee system is available for REACH, KKDIK and UK REACH and is used in a slightly modified form also for K-REACH.

The article has been published in the 11/2021 issue of the German journal FARBE UND LACK and can be read online here:


For further information on the Chemservice OR-Trustee system, please have a look here:

Chemservice OR-Trustee

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