Article on “REACH and Occupational Health and Safety” published in the Journal Stoffrecht

Dieter Drohmann, Managing Director of Chemservice, and Hans Becker, Managing Director of Chemservice EHNS GmbH, have published an article in the 5/2017 edition of the German Journal Stoffrecht.

In the article “REACH and Occupational Health and Safety. Do we manage the intersections?” both authors analyse, in which way the European chemicals regulation REACH does cover aspects of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). Although REACH has produced an enormous basis of data, which will be useful for OHS matters, too, the implementation and cooperation is still inadequate, according to the authors. They see the reasons for that i.a. in the laws’ scope of application (national/EU) and the huge need for expertise. Dieter Drohmann and Hans Becker expect great chances in the connection of REACH and OHS, but also point out that there is an intensifiedneed for action to meet the challenges which arise especially for medium-sized companies.

If you are interested in matters on REACH and Occupational Health and Safety, our Team of Chemservice EHNS GmbH is looking forward to support you!

Access to the article published in the German Journal Stoffrecht can be purchased via the following link:

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