Over recent decades, the disregard for safety regulations in South Korea has led to numerous serious chemical accidents. For this reason, the existing chemical law (Toxic Chemical Control Act • TCCA), introduced in 1991, has been revised and updated to bring it into line with current standards.

On 30 April 2013, the South Korean Parliament passed a new piece of legislation, inspired by the EU-REACH legislation: Korean-REACH (K-REACH). It is designed to ensure greater protection of health and the environment, and entered into force on 1 January 2015.

Unlike the previous TCCA legislation, which covered regulations on new substances and selected toxic substances only, K-REACH covers all chemicals.

Although it is based heavily on the EU-REACH Regulation in terms of consortia management, IT platform, Only Representative (OR) function and tonnage band classification, K-REACH has some unique country-specific features. Our team at Chemservice Asia has well-grounded expertise in this field and will support you in successfully placing your products on the Asian market.

Our services

  • Consultation on K-REACH
  • Strategic and technical support
  • Only Representative (OR)
  • Dossier compilation and submission
  • Consortia management
  • Creation of Safety Data Sheets
  • Training
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