Authorisation for REACH Annex XIV Substance in Switzerland granted

The Swiss chemicals legislation has integrated the EU REACH regulation into its legal framework. Therefore, no authorisation must be applied for under Swiss chemicals legislation:

  • if the European Commission has granted an authorisation based on Article 60 paragraph 1 of the REACH Regulation and the substance is placed on the market and used in accordance with the EU authorisation


  • for those uses of the substance concerned for which an application for authorisation has been submitted in due time in accordance with Article 62 of the REACH Regulation, but for which no decision has yet been taken.

If a use in Switzerland is not covered by an EU authorisation, an application must be submitted to the Notification Authority for Chemicals (BAG) for an exemption in accordance with Annex 1.17 Number 2 Paragraph 4 of the Chemical Risk Reduction Ordinance (ORRChem) for uses in Switzerland. This application is very similar to the REACH authorisation procedure.

Chemservice Schweiz GmbH has prepared, applied, and received a corresponding authorisation for the client. In total, only around 10 authorisations have been granted to date.

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