ICRL 1/2023 is out now

Chemservice proudly presents the new issue of the International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review (ICRL 1/2023), published in cooperation with Lexxion.

Please pay special attention to the Editorial of the first issue 2023 which Dr Dieter Drohmann contributed in his function as Managing Editor.

The issue further contains an article by our Chemservice Iberia colleague Jaime Sales on Critical Use of Fluoropolymers in the Functioning of Modern Society (p. 29 ff).

In the context of the upcoming restriction of PFAS, there appears to be significant confusion concerning the most relevant sectors where fluoropolymers are used. This paper intends to clarify that fluoropolymers are used mainly in industrial sectors of high value to society. Fluoropolymers contribute decisively to the progress and well-being of society in five key areas: safety & well-being, environment and circularity, decarbonization, performance and comfort, being the latter the only one that can be attributed to dispersive consumer applications.

The digital version of the journal ICRL is open access. Please download the pdf here:

ICRL 1/2023

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