Combination effects of acetaldehyde and nitrate/nitrite – Dr Alexander Cartus is co-author of the article published in Archives of Toxicology

As a member of the working group on food constituents within the SKLM (Senate Commission on Food Safety) of the DFG (German Research Foundation), Dr Alexander Cartus (Chemservice Luxembourg) together with professors and representatives of authorities and industry has recently published an article in Archives of Toxicology.

The article “Salivary nitrate/nitrite and acetaldehyde in humans: potential combination effects in the upper gastrointestinal tract and possible consequences for the in vivo formation of N-nitroso compounds – a hypothesis” is published as a guest editorial in this globally top-ranked journal in the field of toxicology.

The article deals with possible combination effects of the alimentary intake of acetaldehyde and nitrate/nitrite. This co-exposure can result in local and systemic combination effects, e.g. through the formation of highly toxic, mutagenic N-nitroso compounds, thus altering the overall toxicological effects the substances individually have. Since these combination effects have not yet been investigated and the biological consequences are not understood, the article summarises the current state of knowledge on both substances in this context, identifies knowledge gaps and thus points out the need for further research.

The open access article is available via the following link:

Guest Editorial

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