ICRL 4/2021 out now

Chemservice proudly presents the new issue of the International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review (ICRL 4/2021), published in cooperation with Lexxion.

The issue contains a report by our Chemservice Asia colleagues Jae-Seong Choi and Yu-Jeong Choi on Polymer Registrations Under K-REACH: Requirements and Practical Approaches for Joint Registration (pp. 135-139).

In South Korea, polymers must be registered under the chemicals legislation K-REACH. In particular joint registration poses significant challenges to industry given tight deadlines, the complexity of substance identification, and often divergent interests in joint strategy development and data generation. The report therefore provides an overview of the regulatory requirements, possible implications and recommendations for polymer registrations under K-REACH.

The digital version of the journal ICRL is open access. Please download the pdf here:

ICRL 4/2021

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