ICRL 3/2021 out now

The new edition of the International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review (ICRL 3/2021), hosted by Chemservice and published by Lexxion, has been released this week and contains contributions by our Chemservice colleagues.

Dieter Drohmann, Thomas Schaefer and Christopher Cohrs outline the benefits of the Chemservice OR-Trustee system, a unique compliance solution for complex multi-stage supply chains under REACH, Turkey REACH (KKDIK), UK REACH and Korean REACH (K-REACH).

In their report, Christy Leeper and Karina Kausch provide an overview of the current regulatory developments in the USA and in Canada, covering the accomplishments of the first months of the Biden-Harris Administration.

The digital version of the journal ICRL is open access. Please download the pdf here:

ICRL 3/2021

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