Chemservice now hosts the journal ICRL

We are proud to announce that Chemservice has officially partnered with the German publisher Lexxion and from now on is the new host of the International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review (ICRL). Dr Dieter Drohmann, CEO of Chemservice, is acting as Managing Editor of the journal and Jae-Seong Choi, Branch Manager Chemservice Asia, is the new country correspondent for South Korea.

ICRL issue 2/2020 has recently been published, containing two articles and one report by Chemservice colleagues.

Yu-Jeong Choi and So-Young Lee, both Project Manager at Consortia Asia, have contributed an article on the Overview and Status of Korean-BPR (pp. 54-59).

While Dr Dieter Drohmann and Lara Dickens, Managing Director Chemservice UK, focus on the Differentiation of Biocides and Cleaning Agents – Where is the Boundary? (pp.60-67).

In their report, Doris Peters, Managing Director Consortia Management, and Jae-Seong Choi take a closer look at the Status of Cosmetics Regulations in Korea (pp. 72-79).

The digital version of the journal ICRL is open access. Please download the pdf here:

ICRL 2/2020

Contributions to the next ICRL issues are welcome. For further information, please visit:

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