Implications of Brexit for Active Substance and Biocidal Product Suppliers

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union leads to implications for UK biocidal active substance and biocidal product manufacturers and suppliers, as the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 will no longer directly apply to the United Kingdom. Consequently, for a UK entity to continue to be listed on the EU approved suppliers list (the so-called ‘Article 95 list’) for active substances, an EU-based representative is required.

We would be happy to act as your EU representative and submit the information to ECHA on your behalf. ECHA recommends to do this until 31 October 2020 latest. Alternatively or in addition, we can support you with any technical requirements for authorisation applications, study monitoring, etc.

For further details, please read our information letter:

EU BPR representative information (pdf)

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