Chemservice Team published article on chemicals legislation in Latin America in the journal “Stoffrecht”

Dr Jaime Sales (Managing Director Chemservice Iberia) and Dr Dieter Drohmann (CEO Chemservice) published an article in the 2/2020 issue of the Lexxion journal “Stoffrecht” covering the current status of chemicals legislation in Latin America.

In their article, the authors point out that no Latin American country has implemented a comprehensive regulation on chemicals management so far. But some national initiatives for the safe handling of chemicals have been recently launched, especially to be compliant with international agreements.

The article covers the current state of development in chemicals management in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Costa Rica and focuses i. a. on the implementation of GHS standards in Latin America.

The authors conclude that the involvement of different governmental authorities and the lack of political stability is slowing down the implementation of a uniform, comprehensive legislation in these countries, but it is still worth keeping an eye on the further developments.

Access to the article in the journal “Stoffrecht” (German) can be obtained via the following link:

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