Article on K-BPR and K-REACH published

Dr. Dieter Drohmann (CEO Chemservice), Doris Peters (Managing Director Consortia Asia) and Ah-Reum Seo (Managing Director Chemservice Asia) have published an article on the legal requirements of K-BPR and K-REACH.

In their report, they give an overview of the Korean chemical industry and the development respective tightening of the Korean chemical legislation (K-REACH) as well as the Korean Biocide Regulation (K-BPR). They highlight the similarities and distinctions with corresponding EU regulations and emphasize the need for global data sharing.

The English version of the article has been published in the 1/2019 issue of the journal ICRL. Access to the article can be acquired here:

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The German version of the article will be published in the 1/2019 issue of the journal Stoffrecht. Further information is available here:

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