European Registered Toxicologists in Chemservice Team

We are proud to announce that Dr. Jennifer Hennen, Regulatory Toxicologist at Chemservice Luxembourg, successfully passed the EUROTOX requirements and has been certified as European Registered Toxicologist (ERT).

EUROTOX, the Federation of national societies of toxicology in Europe, grants this title to toxicologists who are highly trained and experienced – in theory and practice. The candidates applying as ERT need to be nominated by their National Register. Being an ERT is well recognized by companies, authorities and institutions worldwide.

Dr. Jennifer Hennen is the second member of the Chemservice Team who has been certified as ERT. Dr. Dominik Kirf, Director Toxicology & Risk Assessment at Chemservice Luxembourg, is also qualified to use this title.

Chemservice is pleased having a competent team in place to support its customers in the best way!

More information on EUROTOX and ERT is available at:


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