Article about Consequences of the TSCA-reform in the United States published in the German Journal Stoffrecht

In the 6/2016 edition of the German Journal Stoffrecht, members of the CHEMSERVICE Team have published an article, which focuses on modifications in U.S. chemical control legislation.

Since the 1976 passed Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was increasingly criticized, it was reformed in June 2016 by the so called “Frank R. Lautenberg Chemcial Safety for the 21st Century Act” in order to improve U.S. safety standards.

In the article, the authors, Dr. Kerstin Berg (Regulatory Affairs Advisor, CHEMSERVICE S.A.), Dr. Dominik Kirf (Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs (ERT), CHEMSERVICE S.A.) and Dr. Dieter Drohmann (Managing Director of CHEMSERVICE), deal with the effects of this reform. They illustrate consequences for already existing chemicals and new chemicals as well as the impact on the chemical sector. Finally they outline their expectations of the TSCA-reform.

In case you are potentially affected by the TSCA-reform, we are able to provide to you a professional regulatory affairs support.

Access to the German article can be purchased via the following link:

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