Article on Taiwan REACH published in the German Journal Stoffrecht

Dr. Dominik Kirf, Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs at Chemservice S.A., and Dr. Dieter Drohmann, Managing Director of the Chemservice Group, have published an article about chemical control regulation in Taiwan in the 4/2016 edition of the German Journal Stoffrecht.

With regard to the implementation of chemical control legislation in the EU and several parts of Asia, also Taiwan has revised its regulations with the objective of environmental protection.

The article covers the development of chemical management in Taiwan as well as the contents of the new regulations. Dr. Dominik Kirf and Dr. Dieter Drohmann compare the so called “Taiwan REACH” to other standards like EU-REACH and Korea-REACH, before they finally consider its prospects.

In case you are potentially affected by Taiwan REACH, we are able to provide to you a professional regulatory affairs support.

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