Health & Safety and Environmental protection

Work accidents, health-related employee absence, and workplaces and processes that are harmful to health can significantly diminish the economic success of a company and even pose an existential threat. The plethora of legal specifications and the increasing monitoring and reporting obligations in the fields of work safety, health protection and environmental and radiation protection, however, mean that companies face a host of organisational and technical hurdles.

Along with our affiliate Chemservice EHNS GmbH, we are at your disposal in addressing these challenges.

Our consultation services include the following:

Work safety & health protection

  • Work area analysis
  • Workplace inspection
  • Operating instructions
  • Risk assessment (including psychological stress)
  • Dangerous substances management
  • Dismantling of nuclear power plants and industrial facilities

Environmental protection

  • Environmental management
  • Emission protection and water law
  • Waste law, disposal and recycling
  • Remediation, demolition and dismantling
  • Dangerous Goods, ADR 1.3

We provide the following company representatives

  • Health & Safety expert
  • Health & Safety coordinator
  • Dangerous substances officer
  • Dangerous goods officer ADR 1.3
  • Waste management officer
  • Emission protection officer
  • Water protection officer

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